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Spanish Property - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions (and answers) that we have often been asked about buying a property in Spain …

Q Would I find the property cheaper if I went direct to the developer?
A No, we work very closely with the developers in Spain. They usually do very little to market their properties (there are a few exceptions) and they sell the properties at exactly the same price whether they use a UK agent or not. You will see evidence of this when we are in Spain we all use the same availability sheet and price list.

Q If I wish to purchase a property, who do I pay my reservation fee to?
A You should always pay your reservation fee to the developer/builder direct, he then has a record of your reservation. We will give you all the information you need to transfer the money, when you return to the UK. In some circumstances, the developers will accept a payment made by credit card or cheque.

Q Do I need an NIE number?
A In general, you need an NIE number for any major purchase in Spain (eg a car, boat, plane !!), you will need your NIE number before completion of the purchase of a property if you require a mortgage or upon completion even if you don’t need a mortgage

Q What do I need to obtain an NIE number?
A You will need 4 passport photographs, your passport and a form (which your lawyer will fill in for you - as it is in Spanish). We will accompany you to the local police station to register your request for an NIE number. It will then typically take 3 -4 weeks for the paperwork to go through.

Q How do I open a Spanish Bank account?
A We will accompany you to a reccomended local bank. All of the banks that we reccomend speak very good English and are very friendly. You will need your passport and about £50.00 to open an account. You will also be shown how to access your account by the internet and also be able to discuss your mortgage requirements. We have been very pleased with the level of service that we have received from our Spanish banks. They are far superior to our UK bank!

Q If I buy off plan, what happens if the developer goes out of business, before the property is completed?
A We only collaborate with developers who issue a bank guarantee with every payment (after the reservation payment). This is a guarantee by the Bank, not the developer, that ensures that you will get your money back if the developer does not complete your property. So your investment is totally secure.

Q What guarantee do I have if there is a problem with the property?
A It is now a legal requirement in Spain for the builder to give you a 10 year builders guarantee, which will cover you for any structural problems.

Q Can I work in Spain with out a permit?
A Yes, Spain is part of the EU, it is possible to work without a permit, although it is advisable to learn to speak Spanish if you intend to work in Spain. You will also need to register as a resident and pay your taxes in Spain.

Q Can I receive British TV in Spain
A Yes. There are several systems operating throughout the region that re-transmit UK channels legally. Our aftersales department will be able to reccomend the services of a reliable company that could assist you. If buying on any of the golf resorts such as Polaris World, Roda Golf, La Manga Club etc these developers offer a cable tv system as a package.

If you have any questions not covered by those above, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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